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To move a large tree you'll need to call in the specialists. For a smaller palm, up to about 3m in height, a couple of able-bodied gardeners is all that's required for the job.

Before you move any tree, always dig and prepare the new planting hole first. Next, prune the top canopy of the palm, removing about one-third of the fronds. Spray the remaining foliage with a protective product such as Yates DroughtShield, which will reduce water loss through the leaves and help the tree to survive its transplanting ordeal. The night before you intend to move the tree, water the root zone so it's thoroughly soaked when you start digging.

Here's How
Step 1 Dig a trench around the tree, then lift as large a root ball as you can manage. Tip the tree on its side and use a crowbar and shovel to lever it out of its hole. You will need at least 3 people to do this job, depending on the size of the tree you are moving.

Step 2 To transport the tree in a vehicle, it's important to wrap it well. Firstly, wrap the root ball with hessian, tape it tightly, then saturate the hessian with water so it stays moist in transit.

Step 3 Draw all the palm fronds together and wrap them with hessian tape.

Step 4 Water the new planting hole before installing the tree. Make sure the tree sits at exactly the same height as it was originally, planting it too deeply can lead to trunk rot.

Step 5 Stake the tree using 3 posts - either metal star pickets or timber stakes will do the job - and tie with hessian tape.


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