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Spring is lawn revival time, but sometimes a little more than TLC is needed. If your lawn has more bare soil and weeds than it does grass, the easiest solution is the most drastic one – dig it up and lay new turf. Sold by the roll, turf is available from landscape suppliers and larger nurseries. You can even have it delivered to your door if you need a large quantity. It’s an easy job and doing it yourself will save you a few dollars, too.

Even a largely healthy lawn will need a little extra love and attention in spring. The winter months, with their low temperatures and lack of sunlight, take their toll on grass growth, and things can look a little sad and colourless when September arrives. But the good news
is that grass reacts quickly to warming days and, with a little assistance from you, will be back to its green and lovely state in no time.

Treat the weeds

If your lawn only has the odd weed or too,
a good general fertilising will soon see them banished by fresh grass growth. But if there’s a major infestation of broadleaf weeds and clover, treat them with a selective lawn-weed herbicide before you feed the lawn. Hose-on ‘weed-and-feed’ products are a quick option.

Let it breathe

The soil beneath a lawn can become compacted, especially in high-traffic areas, which means water and nutrients don’t absorb properly. To aerate these areas, use a large garden fork, sinking the prongs in about 5-10cm deep – work across the lawn in rows. For large areas, hire a lawn-coring machine.

Nourish and water

Spring fertilising is essential to maintain lawn health, helping it turn green and lush. Use a good-quality balanced lawn food, such as Dynamic Lifter Advanced for Lawns, Yates Lawn Master or Scotts Lawn Builder Plus Organics. Apply at the recommended rate, wearing gloves if you’re doing it by hand. Follow up with a gentle, but thorough, watering. Avoid walking or playing on the grass until the fertiliser has been absorbed.

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Better Homes and Gardens Competition Winners, 2016

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