Budding rhododendrons are a knockout addition to any garden. These lively plants cover themselves in beautiful flowers, flaunting a solid mass of colour that’s nothing short of eye-popping.

Short on space? Elevate your thinking to find top options on the upper storey

Give your tastebuds a sweet slice of heaven with the exotic flavors of these juicy fruits

Making compost is very satisfying - you start with a pile of rubbish and end up with the most potent soil improver there isc.

Bring a taste of the tropics home with these flamboyant flowers – they’ll be the belles of your backyard!

Whether you grow chillies to use in the kitchen or for punchy colour in the garden, you’ll find them easy to cultivate and abundant with their fruit.

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Better Homes and Gardens Competition Winners 2015

Better Homes and Gardens Competition Winners 2015

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