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A handmade Father's day gift shows just how much you care. Check out these fun projects that Dad will love for years to come.

Think you need loads of time, talent and creativity to do crafty projects? Not so! With a bit of know-how and some leftover paint, you can create your own masterpieces in a matter of hours – and …

When did your garage turn into a junkyard? It’s time to get serious and reclaim your space! With a few simple storage solutions and clever decorating ideas, you can go from trash to treasure with …

We’ve got stacks of great projects, perfect for the Easter break. From fab furniture to interesting planters, be inspired to improve your home and garden this long weekend.

Short on room? House feeling a bit 'cosy'? Look up! Here are 10 ways you can capitalise on your vertical space with ease.

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Better Homes and Gardens Competition Winners 2015

Better Homes and Gardens Competition Winners 2015

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