How to make a kitchen island bench

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Made from a mix of materials for a modern industrial look, this project is easy to assemble from readily available supplies. Because the slotted steel angle comes in various lengths, you can alter the dimensions so it becomes a custom piece of furniture to suit your needs.


Gather your supplies

  • Uprights (4) 38 x 38 x 790mm slotted steel angle
  • Short crosspieces (6) 38 x 38 x 530mm slotted steel angle
  • Long crosspieces (6) 38 x 38 x 900mm slotted steel angle
  • Shelves (2) 900 x 535 x 26mm laminated acacia
  • Benchtop 1200 x 600 x 26mm laminated acacia
  • Castors (4) 75mm grey rubber plate with brake
  • Castor mounting blocks (4) 75 x 35 x 100mm radiata pine
  • Cutting board 300 x 300 x 26mm laminated acacia
  • Notes:

    1. All timber pieces are cut out of 2 panels measuring 2200 x 600 x 26mm each. 2. Check all timber components against the steel frame of the unit before cutting to size.

    Here's How

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      Step 1: Using a hacksaw, cut all uprights and short crosspieces to length (long crosspieces are a stock length). Mark out and cut 40mm off 1 side of steel angle at both ends of each short crosspiece. This will allow long crosspieces to slot in flush when bolted together.
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      Step 2: Assemble frame of your bench by bolting long and short crosspieces to upright steel angle (don’t tighten fully at this stage.) Use washers to help keep nuts on tight and bracing plate in top corners to keep steel frame stable once it has been assembled.
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      Step 3: Check all sides are square by measuring diagonals, then tighten bolts fully.
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      Step 4: To cut benchtop, shelves and cutting board from timber panels, measure, then clamp straightedge in place as a guide for base plate of your saw. Ensure blade will be on cutting line by positioning saw on panel – adjust straightedge if necessary. Cut panels to required sizes.
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      Step 5: Use router to round cut edges. Sand smooth. Stain edges to match colour of rest of panel. We used a dark timber, so a walnut stain was needed.
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      Step 6: Centre benchtop over top section of frame. Pre-drill and screw into position using 25mm screws. Pre-drill and screw shelves in place.
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      Step 7: Use chisel to cut a 35 x 2mm rebate on top of each castor mounting block so they will fit over metal angle when fixed. Screw mounting block to bottom shelf using 50mm screws, then screw castors into blocks.
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      Step 8: Use a hole saw to cut a 90mm hole in benchtop, 300mm in from 1 end and 300mm in from 1 side. Seal all timber with food-safe timber oil.
    • Step 9: Screw accessories onto sides or underneath benchtop and frame (we used a paper towel holder, wine glass holders, 2 rails and a bottle opener). Place a small bucket under benchtop hole.

    You’ll also need

    Hacksaw; galvanised slotted angle starter pack (includes nuts, bolts, washers and bracing plates – you will need an additional 4 bolts and nuts); socket set; router with 6mm rounding bit; power drill; circular saw; timber stain; 25mm screws; 50mm screws; 90mm hole saw; Feast Watson Kitchen Timber Oil; bucket; chisel; various accessories

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    1. Julia11:40am Tuesday 19th November 2013 ESTReport Abuse

      This idea is perfect, I like it. Thank you Rob!

    2. Julie Beard09:04pm Friday 04th October 2013 ESTReport Abuse

      I absolutely love Rob's kitchen trolley. I could do with one in my kitchen right now. I live in a housing trust unit that severly lacks kitchen bench tops surface area. I'm glad Rob has given us the instructions to make one. It might take me a while to purchase all the required pieces being on a pension. However, I must say it looks simple enough to make with the help of the pictures and video. I desperately need to surface area so I will use it for my microwave and various other kitchen items. Thanks Better Homes and Garden. Julie

    3. Lolo10:23pm Tuesday 01st October 2013 ESTReport Abuse

      Perfect and simple....... I'll start it immediatly


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