How to make an outdoor sculpture

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Showcase your artistic talent with a special sculpture for your garden. This one is made from Hebel block. It’s cheap and easy to work with but it does blunt tools, so it’s best to use those you no longer need.


Gather your supplies

  • 600 x 200 x 200mm Hebel block
  • Here's How

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      Step 1: With block standing upright, position 100mm-dia tin on top and trace around. Flip block, position 150mm-dia tin on top and trace around (this will be base of your sculpture).
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      Step 2: Mark 200mm up from base then, starting from this point, rule a diagonal line that tapers towards centre of base but is no wider than tin marking. Repeat for all base corners.
    • Step 3: Flip block, then repeat Step 2 to mark top corners.
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      Step 4: Saw along all marked lines to form a rough shape.
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      Step 5: Round all sides with a rasp to form shape of sculpture.
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      Step 6: Using speedbor bit, drill starter hole for candle in bottom half of sculpture. Using mallet and chisel, hack off small bits, then sand smooth. Stand sculpture and put candle inside.

    You’ll also need

    Handsaw; drill; chisel; dust mask; candle in glass jar; pencil; 28mm speedbor bit; set square; fine-grade sandpaper; tape measure; rubber mallet; rasp; 100mm-dia paint tin; 150mm-dia paint tin

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