How to make a mirror (using plastic spoons)

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Make a mirror using a picnic staple - plastic spoons. You will be surprised at how chic it looks, and it is just so easy.


Gather your supplies

  • 900 x 600 x 7mm plywood
  • Plastic spoons (about 100)
  • 26cm diameter circle mirror
  • Here's How

    • Step 1: On plywood, set compass so points are 11cm apart and draw a circle. Reset points to 23cm apart and, starting at same centre point, draw another circle.
    • Step 2: Use jigsaw to cut out larger circle. Drill a hole inside smaller circle, insert jigsaw blade and cut out small circle to form a wreath-shaped frame. Lightly sand frame, then wipe off dust.
    • Step 3: Paint frame in primer, sealer and undercoat. Set aside to dry completely.
    • Step 4: Using scissors, cut off spoon handles. Working 1 at a time, apply hot glue to belly of spoon head, close to where you made cut. Starting on outer edge of frame, press spoon head in place. Continue in this way until outer edge is covered, allowing a 4-5mm gap between each spoon head.
    • imageTitle
      Step 5: For second, third and fourth rows, glue 1 spoon head between each spoon head of the previous row. For final row, lightly sand each spoon to remove sharp edges, then glue on.
    • Step 6: Spray frame in Volcano Orange. Allow to dry, then lightly spray inner row of spoon heads in Gloss Black. Allow to dry.
    • Step 7: Apply adhesive around edge of mirror face and position frame on top. Set aside to dry completely.
    • Step 8: To hang mirror, attach a picture hanger to plywood frame at back with screw provided.

    You’ll also need

    Jigsaw; drill; compass; fine-grit sandpaper; Dulux 1 Step Primer, Sealer & Undercoat; painting tools; scissors; hot-glue gun and glue sticks; Dulux Spraypak Quick Dry in Volcano Orange and Gloss Black; Selleys All Fix adhesive; framing picture triangle (picture hanger)

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    1. The Skud07:01pm Sunday 16th March 2014 ESTReport Abuse

      Don't think I have ever seen so much time-wasting fiddling about to make a dust catching pieceof kitch.


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