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September 7, 2012, 12:45 pm Yahoo!7


This desk is perfect for your kids. Combine a solid timber panel and an old bedside table to create a sturdy and striking desk. Ours is H725mm x W1400mm x D600mm.


Gather your supplies

  • Top panel 1400 x 600 x 30mmlaminated pine
  • Leg panel 695 x 580 x 30mmlaminated pine
  • Modesty panel 1350 x 297 x 30mm laminated pine
  • Spacer blocks (2) 70 x 35 x 390mm pine
  • Notes:

    All the panels are cut out of a 2100 x 900 x 30mm laminated finger-jointed pine panel.

    Here's How

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      Step 1: Cut 3 panels to sizes required. Cut along a straight edge, clamped in a position to allow for distance between saw blade and edge of saw base.
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      Step 2: Sand panels and bedside table after taking off drawer knob. Cut the 2 spacer blocks, then glue and screw to top of cabinet so they’re flush at back, and sides allow for any rounding of the cabinet. Undercoat cut pieces, as well as cabinet and its blocks, ready for the finish.
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      Step 3: Referring to Child’s Desk Diagram (above), mark in position of modesty and leg panels on underside of top panel. Set modesty panel 110mm in from back and 40mm in from leg end. The leg butts against modesty panel and is 10mm short of top edges at front and back. Predrill pilot holes and screw leg panel to modesty panel so screw heads are just flush with surface of timber. Screw top to leg and modesty panel. The modesty panel also acts as a brace for leg.
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      Step 4: With cabinet upright, fit desk assembly on top. Align so end of modesty panel is flush with back of cabinet. Then screw top to spacer blocks. To paint desk in several colours (here Alien, True Red and White), remove top from cabinet to paint them separately. Replace original drawer handle with a ruler, held off drawer face with short pieces of dowel.

    You’ll also need

    450 x 620 x 400mm deep bedside cabinet (or similar); Dulux Prepcoat 1 Step Primer, Sealer & Undercoat; 65mm stainless steel batten screws; 65mm wood screws; Dulux Aquanamel in Alien, True Red and White; wooden ruler; 19mm dowel offcuts

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