How to build a race car track for the kids

May 30, 2012, 4:11 pm Yahoo!7


Fuel your kids’ need for speed with a super-fast pro racetrack.

Playing with toy cars is every littlie’s idea of good fun. So, rev things up and ignite their inner speed racer by building a mini racetrack where cars can tumble through a tunnel, crash into the sides and roll along the finish line. The cars may be tiny, but the competition is fierce!


Gather your supplies

  • Sand & Cement mix (2 bags)
  • 70mm Bricktor or chicken wire
  • Black oxide powder
  • Old motorcycle tyre
  • Selection of small plants (such as mini mondo grass, variegated oregano or Scleranthus biflorus)
  • Here's How

    • Step 1: Using rope, mark out track on turf, then outline with set-out paint. Excavate inside lines to a depth of 100mm and roughly level ground.
    • Step 2: Place tyre in desired position, then excavate so half of tyre sits below ground.
    • Step 3: Put 2 bags of Sand & Cement mix and a capful of black oxide powder in a wheelbarrow and blend thoroughly. Slowly add water until mixture is stiff.
    • Step 4: Line trench with Bricktor to prevent concrete from cracking.
    • Step 5: Shovel cement mixture into trench, level with a float, smooth with a trowel. <b>TIP:</b> If mixture isn’t as dark as desired, sprinkle black oxide powder onto surface, spread with wooden float and smooth with trowel.
    • Step 6: Remove turf from inside of track and backfill with garden soil. Plant up, mulch and gently water.
    • Step 7: Trace and cut out a chequerboard pattern onto a sheet of plastic. Place on track and spray-paint white. Make stencils for lane markings and for the word ‘Start’, and spray-paint onto track.
    • Step 8: To make ‘safety barrier’, cut poly tube to length and wrap electrical tape, in a spiral, around it. Place along edge on sections of track. Secure with pegs. Put flags near finish line.

    You’ll also need

    Shovel; safety stakes (flags); 13mm black poly tube; white spray paint; white electrical tape; playground mulch; steel trowel; wooden float; wheelbarrow; mallet; rope; set-out paint; sheet of plastic; tent pegs; utility knife.

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    1. The Skud10:56am Monday 18th March 2013 ESTReport Abuse

      Neat! It might be best to swap steps $3 and #4 though, in case the cement sets if you take too long lining the track. Hardened cement in a barrow is not fun! Depending on room, another suggestion would be to make it as large (long?) as possible with room for 2 lanes width to allow for the relatively cheap R/C cars and/or 'monster trucks' for sale nowadays.


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