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How to make an outdoor word game
How to make an outdoor word game

Gather your supplies

  • 100 x 15mm x 1.5m fence palings (7)
  • Timber pegs (6)
  • 7mm x 5m nylon rope or cord sash
  • Dulux Weathershield Low Sheen in Black and Vivid White

You'll also need

Sticky tape; mini paint roller; utility knife; power drill and drill bits; tape measure; pencil; handsaw; power or mouse sander; dust mask; lump hammer; A4 paper

Here's how


Step 1

Sand surfaces of fence palings for a smooth finish, then use mini roller to paint surfaces white. Allow to dry.

Step 2

Measure and mark 100mm from edge of paling and cut with handsaw. Use this square (tile) to mark along paling, then cut each tile to size. Repeat for all palings, until you have 100 tiles.

Step 3

Paint edges of tiles white. Allow to dry. Print letters of alphabet on separate sheets of A4 paper, ensuring letters are large enough to fit and be seen on each tile, then cut out letters to make stencils. Don’t completely cut out letters B, D, O, R, P and Q; leave a gap between connection points so letters don’t fall out – you can paint in the gaps later.

Step 4

Once tiles are completely dry, position stencil on top and paint black. Make these amounts of each letter: E x 10; A x 8; R x 7; I x 7; O x 7; T x 7; N x 7; S x 5; L x 5; C x 5; D x 4; U x 4; P x 3; M x 3; H x 3; G x 2; B x 2; F x 2; Y x 2; J x 1; W x 1; K x 1; V x 1; X x 1; Z x 1; Q x 1

Step 5

Measure and mark 50mm down from top of 1 timber peg and drill an 8mm hole. Repeat with remaining pegs.

Step 6

To make it easier to feed rope through hole, tape 1 end of rope, then thread it through hole in 1 peg and tie a knot to secure. Cut rope to 1100mm, feed through another peg and knot. Repeat to make 2 more tile holders.

Step 7

Drive pegs into ground, ensuring rope is taut and tile holders face away from each other. Put tiles face down on ground. Each player picks 7 tiles and places them along their rope holder. Now, let the war of the words begin!

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