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How to make a fishing chair
How to make a fishing chair

Gather your supplies

  • 17mm plywood (for side table)
  • Timber-framed director’s chair
  • 6mm plywood (for 2 side panels and drink holder)
  • 300 x 40mm-dia PVC pipes (2)

You'll also need

Hinges and screws (2); card table stays and screws (2); power saw; exterior PVA; exterior screws, to suit; power drill and 25mm spade bit; jigsaw; medium-grit sandpaper; small screws; small nails; long cable ties in white or clear (4); exterior stain and varnish; damp cloth; 90mm paint tin

Here's how


Step 1

Reinforce chair with panels. To do this, measure and cut a piece of 6mm plywood for each side of chair (they need to be flush with front and back legs and about 300mm high). Position 1 panel flush with underside of armrest, apply glue, predrill and drive in screws to secure. Wipe away glue runs with a damp cloth.

Step 2

Secure remaining panel as you did in Step 1, positioning it on other side of chair about 50mm from bottom of legs.

Step 3

Measure and cut a piece of 17mm plywood for collapsible table. Allow for thickness of hinges below arm and card table stays at sides. The table needs to fit in space below arm and above plywood reinforcement. Ours is 215 x 335mm.

Step 4

Before attaching table to chair, use a paint tin or similar to mark a circle about 90mm in diameter where you want drink holder. Drill a hole within marked circle, then insert jigsaw blade and cut out circle. Lightly sand plywood.

Step 5

Cut a square piece of 6mm plywood that’s large enough to fit under hole for drink holder and sits flush with table edges. Apply glue, then position piece on underside of table. Predrill, then fix in place with nails. Mark and drill a hole in centre of drink holder with a spade bit to allow any spilled liquid to drip away.

Step 6

Attach table to chair with hinges and screws. First affix hinges to table, then to underside of armrest.

Step 7

Attach card table stays. To do this, hold table at 90° to chair legs. Mark position of stays. Note that screws are located at equal distances on legs and table from pivot point – this may take a couple of goes to perfect. When you have correct positions, mark then affix stays. Table should lay flat in closed position.

Step 8

Working on other side of chair, position pipe for rod holder at an angle to suit you. Mark and drill 2 holes, close together, in panel where top of pipe will sit, then drill 2 holes at bottom. Holding pipe against panel, thread a cable tie through top 2 holes, around pipe, pull tight and trim. Repeat for bottom holes. Attach umbrella holder in same way, positioning it upright at back of panel.

Step 9

Lightly sand. Coat frame, panels and table in exterior stain and varnish.

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