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How to make a bird house
How to make a bird house

Gather your supplies

  • Metal letterbox with pitched roof
  • Selection of straight, dry twigs of various thicknesses

You'll also need

Drill; fine-toothed saw; Selleys Liquid Nails; tin snips; pliers; galvanised metal button screws (2); medium-grit sandpaper; wire (for hanging bird house); felt pen

Here's how


Step 1

Mark out a suitable-sized entrance on rear of letterbox. Cut out with tin snips and sand to remove sharp edges.

Step 2

Close lid of letterbox firmly. On each side of opening end, predrill a hole through lip of lid into body of letterbox. Then drive a metal button screw into each hole to seal letterbox shut.

Step 3

Measure a medium-thickness twig against top of front panel. Mark angle of roof pitch on each end of twig and cut to size with fine-toothed saw. Apply glue to top of panel and adhere twig in place.

Step 4

Measure height of 1 side panel of letterbox and cut twigs to fit, allowing a slight gap at top so roof twigs will lie flat. Starting at 1 end, apply a bead of glue, then position twig. Continue gluing on twigs until panel is covered. Repeat process for remaining side panel and back panel. For front panel, frame opening with twigs to eliminate sharp edges, then fill in remainder of panel.

Step 5

Measure and cut twigs for roof, allowing a small overhang on each side. Glue twigs to roof, using thick twigs for front and back edges, and leaving all twigs slightly short of roof ridge to allow for a twig along ridge. Measure and cut a thick twig for roof ridge, allowing for a 6-10cm overhang at each end, and glue in position. Allow to dry.

Step 6

Find centre balance point of bird house on roof ridge (it may not be exactly in centre due to twig weight). Drill a hole through twig and letterbox ridge at balance point. Measure and cut a piece of wire, allowing for at least 50cm to protrude above ridge. Feed wire from roof through hole, then twist into a knot to secure. Hang bird house from a tree branch or pergola beam.

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