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How to make a dog bed (with four-posters)
How to make a dog bed (with four-posters)

Gather your supplies

  • Timber hall table with full-width drawer
  • 9mm MDF
  • 66 x 18mm primed DAR pine
  • Black picture frame, glass removed (for headboard, to fit between 2 end table legs)

You'll also need

Round wooden furniture bun feet with long screws (4); 3M ScotchBlue Industrial Advantage Masking Tape 18mm; 20mm round removable stickers; plastic jewels; white card; Dulux PrepLock Quick Dry Oil Based Stain Blocker; Dulux Spraypak Quick Dry in Flat Black; Dulux Spraypak Quick Dry in Gloss White; student acrylic paint in red and white; artist’s paintbrush; handsaw; jigsaw; power drill; hot glue gun; PVA; utility knife; steel ruler; small nails; round white cupboard door knobs (4); fine-grit sandpaper

Here's how

Step 1

Remove drawer from table, including any drawer stoppers. Detach handles and remove ornamentation. Lightly sand surfaces of table and drawer. Flip table upside down so legs become bed posts.

Step 2

Measure, mark and cut 4 lengths of pine to make a frame around table between legs. You may need to mark and cut each end to suit angle of legs, if they’re tapered. Aim for a tight fit.

Step 3

On 1 frame length, apply PVA to each end and along length that will make contact with table, then slot into position. Repeat for other 3 frame lengths. Allow to dry.

Step 4

For a bed base, measure and cut a piece of MDF to cover opening that was once the underside of drawer. Glue and nail in position.

Step 5

Undercoat table and drawer with Stain Blocker. Allow to dry.

Step 6

Coat table and drawer in Gloss White. Allow to dry.

Step 7

To create polka-dot effect, apply round stickers in lines, evenly spaced, on table body and posts, and on face of drawer.

Step 8

For stripes, cut lengths of masking tape and stick them side by side around pine frame. Remove every second piece of tape to achieve even spacing of stripes. Stick tape to top of each post to create a mix of patterning.

Step 9

For a straight-edged finish, place steel ruler along frame and trim ends of tape with utility knife.

Step 10

Repeat Step 8 to prepare bun feet for painting.

Step 11

With all components masked, spray evenly with Flat Black and allow to dry. Remove masking tape and stickers. You may need to use tip of a utility knife to lift up edges.

Step 12

Screw and glue bun feet to underside corners of tabletop. Also glue door knobs to tops of each post.

Step 13

To create headboard, cut white card to fit picture frame. Enlarge Doggie Bone Diagram (above) as desired. Trace onto card. Paint bone shape with red acrylic paint. Let dry. Use paintbrush end to dot bone shape with spots of white acrylic paint. Let dry. Put card in frame.

Step 14

Use a hot glue gun to attach jewels to headboard. Let dry. Apply PVA to back of frame sides and clamp frame in position between 2 end legs until dry.

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