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The simplest designs are often the best. All you need to make this slotted mag rack is a couple of pieces of plywood, a jigsaw and a clear finish. No glue, no nails, no screws. And if you don’t want a square, you can cut circular discs with a flat bottom or animal shapes for the kids’ bedroom.

Plywood magazine rack
Gather your supplies
400 x 400 x 17mm hoop pine plywood (2); water-based clear polyurethane

Here’s how
Step 1 If not already cut to size, cut two 400 x 400mm squares of hoop pine or other appearance-grade plywood. From the bottom of each, measure up 150mm and square lines across the boards. For each board in turn, hold the other piece on the line and draw a second line across the board. The gap between lines should be 17mm. From one end measure 200mm along the 2 lines and join the marks.

Step 2 Use a jigsaw to cut out the slots. Make sure the saw cut (kerf) has its outer edge on the lines or a fraction inside the lines rather than centred on them, as you want a snug fit. You can always ease the slot width if necessary, but can’t make it narrower. Repeat for other panel.

Step 3 Sand smooth and check the panels slot into each other. Dismantle and finish with 2 coats of water-based clear polyurethane. Re-assemble when dry.

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Better Homes and Gardens Competition Winners, 2016

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