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Item Part Size Material
A side (2) 90 x 18 x 300mm maple
B shelf (2) 90 x 18 x 400mm maple
C top back 90 x 18 x 400mm maple
D bottom rail 70 x 10 x 436mm maple
E top rail 31 x 10 x 436mm maple
F back 436 x 230 x 3mm plywood

PLUS: nails, PVA glue, wood filler and finish of your choice

Hand saw or power saw
Fret saw
Steel tape (3 metres)
Smoothing plane (no. 4)
Various grades sandpaper
Set of twist drills
Variable-speed power drill
Claw hammer (570g)
Nail punch

Here's how:
1. Cut and shape the sides as shown. The template for the heart is included here, but you could use any design you choose. Drill a 5mm diameter hole in the middle of the heart and use a fret saw to cut out both this and the top curve.

2. Mark the position of the shelves on the inside surface of the sides. Cut the two shelves and the top back of the rack. Glue and nail the sides to the shelves and back. When dry, plane or sand the front top edge to match the curve of the sides.

3. Take the length of the top and bottom rails from the rack - it should be 436mm. Cut to length and glue and nail in place.

4. Cut out the plywood back, then glue and tack it to the rear of the rack.

5. Punch all nail holes and fill with wood-stopping compound. When dry, smooth all filled areas and edges ready for finishing. You can finish it with wood stain and two coats of clear polyurethane, or if you'd like it to look more rustic, use milk paint and finish with beeswax or Limewax


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Better Homes and Gardens Competition Winners, 2016

Better Homes and Gardens Competition Winners, 2016

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