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You'll need
For each light ball: 2 large hanging baskets; 1-2 packs of cable ties; fast-drying black spray paint; 1-2 packs of Arlec 100 Super Bright White LED lights

Here's how
Step 1 Use 2 large hanging baskets, available from the gardening section of most hardware stores or nurseries. Remove the chains and the fibre lining, then join the baskets together using cable ties to form a sphere.

Step 2 Pull the cable ties tight, then snip off the tails, leaving about 3mm.

Step 3 Hang the sphere with the discarded chain, and give it 2 coats of black paint.

Step 4 Depending on the amount of light you want, wrap 1 or 2 strings of LED fairy lights around the sphere. Start at the top and work around the sphere evenly to the bottom, using cable ties to tie the lights to the wire frame. Using 2 packs of lights produces a more spectacular result than just a single pack. Make sure any light you use is low voltage and suitable for exterior use. Once secured, snip off the tails of the cable ties. Hang the light ball off brackets using part of the discarded chain, and feed wire and transformer to an internal power source.


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Better Homes and Gardens Competition Winners, 2016

Better Homes and Gardens Competition Winners, 2016

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