How to make a Christmas tree wall hanging

November 23, 2012, 2:10 pm Yahoo!7


How to make a Christmas tree wall hanging, beautifully jewelled. How delighted would you be to receive this little gem as a gift?


Gather your supplies

  • Assorted plain and print fabrics
  • Grid paper
  • Pencil
  • Cotton batting
  • Quilting thread
  • 50mm-wide binding
  • Assorted decorations and bells
  • 20mm-dia dowel, same length as width of quilt
  • General sewing supplies
  • Here's How

    • Step 1: Enlarge Christmas Tree Diagram (above), to desired size and cut 25 squares, adding a 6mm seam allowance around each square.
    • Step 2: Follow the grid and with right sides facing, use a 6mm seam to stitch squares together, creating 6 strips. You should have one square remaining.
    • Step 3: Using a 6mm seam, stitch the strips and square together to form tree shape.
    • Step 4: Cut cotton batting slightly larger than pieced tree, then baste to its wrong side.
    • Step 5: Cut a backing piece to same size as tree. With right sides facing, and leaving a small opening for turning, stitch front to back. Trim batting to fabric edge. Turn right-side out, slip-stitch opening closed and press.
    • Step 6: To quilt, stitch in the ditch along seam lines. Remove basting threads.
    • Step 7: Embellish to your heart’s content with beads, ribbons, threads and trims. Mount decorated tree in box frame and display pride of place for all to admire.

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