How to create pencil necklace and bracelet

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What could be brighter than the rainbow colours of pencils? Making pencil beads is easy, and you can thread them into unique necklaces and bracelets, or use glue to make your own rings, brooches, earrings and clips. So, pencil in a little colourful craft time and get started. Have fun!


Gather your supplies

  • Hexagonal coloured pencils
  • mitre box
  • small block of timbe
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • Clamp
  • Notes:

    Thicker pencils are easier to work with.

    Here's How

    • Step 1: Cut block of timber to measure width of mitre box. Insert block into mitre box, 1cm from cutting line. Clamp mitre box to secure. This will give you a guide to butt your pencils up to, making it easier to cut pencil beads to a consistent length.
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      Step 2: Mark a dot in centre of pencil face, 5mm in from straight end. Resting pencil on block, drill straight through pencil mark to other side. Run drill bit through hole several times to clean hole.
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      Step 3: With hole facing up, butt straight end of pencil up to timber block. Using hacksaw, carefully cut first bead.
    • Step 4: Repeat Steps 2 and 3 to make more beads. You will need about 18 beads for a necklace and about 5-16 for a child’s bracelet.
    • Step 5: Working with sandpaper on a flat surface, sand cut ends of each bead. Coat ends of each bead with clear nail polish to prevent pencil colour transferring.
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      Step 6: String 18 beads onto jewellery stringing long enough to fit over head. Knot to secure and trim ends. Thread bracelet beads onto beading elastic, check for size and adjust number of beads to suit. Knot to secure, then trim ends.

    You’ll also need

    Drill; 2mm drill bit hacksaw with fine blade; 180-grit fine sandpaper; clear nail polish; jewellery stringing; 0.5mm beading elastic

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      A choking hazard just waiting to happen. Perhaps the next story should have been one on first aid.


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