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How to make a Christmas doorstop
How to make a Christmas doorstop

Gather your supplies

  • 25cm x 112cm-wide floral print fabric
  • small amount of spot fabric
  • sewing thread to match
  • scraps of light brown
  • cream and green felt
  • bell
  • stranded embroidery cotton in pink, red and black
  • embroidery needle
  • small funnel (for filling)
  • 1kg rice

Here's how

Step 1

Enlarge Doorstop Template (above). Cut 4 body pieces in floral fabric, and 2 hat pieces in spot fabric.

Step 2

With right sides facing and using a 5mm seam, stitch 2 body pieces together. Repeat with remaining body pieces.

Step 3

With right sides together and using a 5mm seam allowance, stitch 1 hat to each body pair.

Step 4

Enlarge Doorstop Face Template. Cut face from cream felt and hair from light brown felt. Working with 1 body/hat pair and centring it over the vertical seam, machine stitch cream face to fabric, just below hat. Stitch hair in place. Cut a small bow from green felt. Leaving a small gap between face and bow, centre bow over seam and stitch in place.

Step 5

Using all 6 strands of embroidery cotton, add facial features. Work straight stitches for eyes in black, nose in pink and lips in red. Work running stitch for cheeks in red.

Step 6

Leaving a gap at the base for filling, and with right sides facing, use a 5mm seam allowance and stitch doorstop front to doorstop back. Turn right side out.

Step 7

Using funnel, fill doorstop with dry rice, allowing it to settle and topping up until full. Slipstitch opening closed.

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