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How to make easter egg basket
How to make easter egg basket

Gather your supplies

  • Balloon
  • PVA
  • 4-ply cotton yarn
  • Goggle eyes, trims and stickers (to decorate)
  • Shredded tissue paper

You'll also need

Small bowl; paintbrush; needle; scissors; tacky glue; plastic tub or newspaper (to catch dripping glue); pipe-cleaners

Here's how


Step 1

Blow up balloon and tie off. Tie end of cotton to balloon knot then wrap cotton around balloon, crisscrossing in all directions, until balloon is evenly covered. Tuck in end of cotton. Tie a length of cotton to balloon knot for hanging.

Step 2

Mix 2 parts PVA to 1 part water in a small bowl. Use paintbrush to paint cotton liberally with mixture. With newspaper or a plastic tub underneath, hang wet balloon until it stops dripping glue and sets. Just before it hardens completely (which can take several days), sit it on a level surface to flatten bottom.

Step 3

Pop balloon with a needle. Use scissors to cut an oval-shaped opening in side of object to form mouth, leaving at least 5cm at bottom so you have enough space to nestle your chocolate eggs. Remove deflated balloon.

Step 4

Using tacky glue, decorate with goggle eyes, trims and stickers to make a bunny, chicken or monster (see pics, above and left, for ideas). Use shredded tissue paper for a nest, then add chocolate goodies!

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