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How to make a rustic reindeer
How to make a rustic reindeer

Gather your supplies

  • Branches and twigs, preferably dry, in a range of sizes for body, head, neck, tail, legs and antlers
  • Timber drill and spade bits
  • Bow saw
  • Secateurs
  • Stanley or sharp garden knife
  • Battery drill
  • Construction adhesive (optional)

You'll also need

This makes one reindeer.

Here's how


Step 1

Use saw and secateurs to trim pieces of branches and twigs to desired size. You’ll need to create a body, head, neck, tail, 2 antlers and 4 legs.

Step 2

To make legs, use spade bit to drill 4 holes, angled slightly outwards, in underside of body. Use a knife to whittle down 1 end of each leg to create a tight fit in holes, then push each in place. If needed, you can apply a small amount of adhesive to hold each leg more securely.

Step 3

To make tail and neck, drill a hole near back of body for the tail, and another hole for the neck, angled slightly towards the front. Insert twigs for neck and tail, gluing in place to secure, if desired.

Step 4

To make head and antlers, drill a hole in underside of head, angled slightly so head tilts forward. Drill 2 holes near top of head for antlers. Fit head to neck and antlers on top of head.

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