How to make a dressing screen
How to make a dressing screen

Gather your supplies

  • 76 x 102cm artist’s stretched canvas
  • 300 x 42 x 19mm pre-cut DAR pine battens (2)
  • Dulux Wash & Wear Advanced Low Sheen acrylic paint in Lickedy Lick and Hydrangea Pink
  • Jo Sonja’s Artists’ Colour in Metallic Rich Gold

You'll also need

You'll also need: MDF capital letters in M, A, G, I, C; 3 large and 6 small MDF stars; wooden star wand; 6mm-wide craft ribbon; Mod Podge; glitter; gold sequinned braid; 2 x 100mm hex head bolts and 2 wing nuts to match; paintbrushes or rollers; paint tray; masking tape; hot glue gun; drill; countersunk drill bit to suit bolt size

Here's how


Step 1

Base-coat canvas with 2 coats of Hydrangea Pink paint and leave to dry. Mask off a 15cm-wide section down left-hand side of canvas with tape. Paint rest of canvas, pine battens and all MDF letters with 2 coats of Lickedy Lick paint. Let paint dry.

Step 2

Hot glue painted letters down one side of screen to spell ‘MAGIC’.

Step 3

Paint all stars (including the wand star) with 2 coats of gold paint. When dry, apply a coat of Mod Podge on front of each star, then sprinkle with glitter. Let dry.

Step 4

Glue end of ribbon to bottom of wand handle. Start from bottom and work your way upwards, winding ribbon in a spiral around wand handle (as pictured). Glue ribbon ends to secure at top, and finish with a bow.

Step 5

Hot glue sequinned braid over colour join on canvas. Glue stars and wand onto screen.

Step 6

To make feet, drill 2 holes through bottom of screen, 150mm in from each end. Drill a hole through middle of each pine batten.

Step 7

Insert bolt in 1 pine batten, align with hole in screen, insert bolt and secure with a wing nut. Repeat with remaining batten. Stand screen upright.

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