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Looking for a way to clear your home of clutter? Instead of tossing everything into the bin, here are six creative ways to transform your rubbish into art and useful items for your home office …

This dynamic duo is perfect for larger areas and could even be extended to a triptych. Not ready to wing it just yet? Draw up a scaled diagram using pencils first. Apply colour in zones using long …

Creating a pebble-strewn shoreline is easy with plastic beads or toy-stuffing pellets. Just glue them to the canvas and, when dry, paint all over with colour for depth. To finish, dry-brush on yellow …

A seaside vignette can be as simple as a trio of canvases. Wrap them with seagrass jute, paint them, then group on a wall to display a series of shells and starfish, washed ashore or store-bought. …

Reminiscent of antique cameos and papercut silhouettes, these modern-day painted versions make a lovely keepsake to place on display. Based on photos taken side-on, they capture each child's unique …

Personalise your own jumbo paint chip with colour names that relate to you. Make it for less by mixing one colour with lesser or greater proportions of white to create the three tints.

To cheat the woven Aztec look, wrap a canvas in string, then paint with chevrons, stripes and diamonds. Artwork done and not a loom in sight!

Modern and so savvy, each spot has been punched from paper swiped with two paint colours, then simply glued in position and coated with a clear sealer. Clever!

Keep to greys and yellows for abstract art you can live with year-round. Is it breaking surf or the sun peeking through an overcast sky? Everyone will see their own story.

For an oh-so touchy-feely canvas, create layers of tactile elements. Stick on tissue paper, seagrass rope and hessian circles, then finish with washes of colour.

Let shapes steal the show with colour tints. Lines of tape make it easy to paint up the angular pattern.

These eggs make beautiful Easter decorations for your home, but are also very special gifts for family and friends.

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Better Homes and Gardens Competition Winners 2015

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