How To Make A Butterfly Mobile

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Make these gorgeous butterflies then watch them flutter around your room.

Gather your supplies

6 sheets A4 typing paper, Crayons, Watercolour paints, Paintbrush, 6 cotton buds, 6 x 7.5cm-long beading wire, 3 straws, Coloured thread, 60cm-long dowel

Print off this butterfly template for project

Step 1: Enlarge butterfly template (above) by 300 per cent and trace it onto the paper.

Crafty Tip: You can vary the wing shape at this stage if you want.

Step 2: Cut out 6 butterfly shapes, then cut 3 slits on each butterfly body to enable the cotton buds to slip through.

Step 3: Colour both sides of each butterfly using crayons. Load paintbrush with a little water and colour each butterfly with paint. Allow to dry. Flip over and paint other side of each butterfly.

Step 4: Paint each cotton bud with watercolour paints and allow to dry. Thread cotton buds through the slits you made in the butterflies’ bodies.

Step 5: To make antennae, bend bead wire in half and twist around cotton buds. Curl the ends around your finger.

Step 6: Cut 6 pieces of thread in 20cm lengths. Tie to each end of each butterfly (on their antennae, and on the bottom of the cotton buds).

Step 7: Make 2.5cm slits at each end of each straw. Slide butterfly threads onto each straw end.

Step 8: Cut 3 different lengths of thread to your desired length, attach to each straw and tie to dowel.

Step 9: Hang your butterfly mobile by tying an 80cm length of thread
to each end of the dowel.

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  1. Judy Betland03:40pm Sunday 01st July 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Hi Im desperate to find the instructions for the Bracelet made with tiny beeds put onto safety pins. I watched Tara Dennis make this on tv,bought all the beeds and pins etc and then lost the book with the instructions.My only missing Better Homes & Garden are April,May and July 2011. Can someone please help me Judy

  2. Christine10:38am Monday 28th March 2011 ESTReport Abuse

    I am looking for the butterfly template found on page 30 of the April 2011--winging it? Any help for me?

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