The Best Dunkin’ Item Isn’t Even on the Menu

It's what mini doughnut dreams are made of.


Dunkin' Donuts

If there's one thing I know about Dunkin', it's that for many, the chain is more than just a coffee shop—it's a lifestyle. Growing up in Texas, there wasn’t a Dunkin' on every corner like there is in New England, so it took me a while to get the hype. But, now that I have seen the love my Dunkin' devotee friends have for the chain, I understand how seriously people take it.

So, when I learned about a rare, secret menu item at Dunkin' that has been popping up at locations around the U.S., I knew we had big news on our hands. With a lot of questions about the source of these treats, I got to investigating. Here's what I found out.

The Off-Menu Dunkin' Boston Kreme Munchkin

In June, TikTok user @nickiunplugged posted that she found a secret menu item at her Dunkin' store in Boston. “I am about to cause an uproar in the Dunkin' community,” she said, pulling a chocolate-coated Boston Kreme Munchkin from her bag. “This is not small talk.”

She was right: Dunkin' fans flocked to the comments to share their thoughts on the rare Boston Kreme Munchkin. “I have to move to wherever these are sold,” one user commented. “I will drive hours!!! This is the perfect donut!!” added another.

The Boston Kreme Munchkin has been a highly requested Dunkin' menu item for a while now. In 2021, one customer even went as far as to start a petition for Boston Kreme Munchkins to be created. Entire Reddit threads have been dedicated to the discussion, speculating that the mini Boston Kreme Munchkins must be too much of a hassle to put on the menu.

Despite pleas for the item's release, the item is still not on the official Dunkin' menu and does not appear to be advertised anywhere by the brand. Dunkin' did highlight in 2020 that Boston Kreme Munchkins were available across Europe, yet there is little evidence that it's still on the menu there. The Boston Kreme Munchkin is truly a unicorn of a Dunkin' treat.

Where Dunkin' Fans Are Finding Boston Kreme Munchkins

From the comment section of @nickiunplugged’s TikTok, it seems that some, but not all, Dunkin' locations will make the off-menu item for customers. Dunkin' workers and fans posted recommendations for store locations that will make Boston Kreme Munchkins. The states with the most luck appeared to be New Jersey and Massachusetts.

But the underground Munchkin menu recommendations didn’t stop there. One user who said they work at Dunkin' added that, in addition to making the Boston Kreme Munchkins every day, they also make Munchkins filled with vanilla and chocolate cream as well as apple-filled ones. Another said they used to make lemon-glazed ones at their location, too.

The possibility of special Munchkin flavors is intriguing, but until they (hopefully) become a permanent part of the menu, there's no guarantee that your local Dunkin' will sell them. The Boston Kreme Munchkin appears to be a lucky, but rare, secret menu find.

I Can’t Find These Munchkins Anywhere—What Now?

Maybe you aren’t ready to move closer to a Dunkin' location that will make these Munchkins for you, nor are you about to get a job at Dunkin' so you can make them for yourself. Don’t worry: There are still a couple of options to get your fix.

You could always settle for a classic full-sized Boston Kreme doughnut or a variety of their classic Munchkins. I know—that might not be the answer you were looking for. But, they're both still delicious options.

Or, you can take the creative approach and DIY some Munchkins at home. We have a great recipe ready to go for Munchable Donut Holes that you can customize to make all of your Munchkin dreams come true. Top these mini donuts with a little bit of chocolate ganache, pipe some pastry cream into the center, and you’ve got yourself a Boston Kreme Munchkin copycat. Is this a lot of effort for a Boston Kreme Munchkin? Yes. Do I put it past Dunkin' fans to go this far for donut holes? No.

While we have these solutions to tide us over until then, this TikTok has me ready to taste the real deal. I will beg, unapologetically, for Dunkin' to make these Boston Kreme Munchkins a real menu item. I just can’t think of anything cuter than a mini Boston Kreme doughnut. If I manage to get my hands on them one day (and I will!), they will almost be too cute to eat... almost.

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