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Here are the best 'As Seen on TV' items under $25 at Walmart

three As-Seen-On-TV items sold through walmart
These As-Seen-on-TV products are available through Walmart and totally worth the hype. (Photos: Walmart)

Those late-night infomercials can be so tempting, but with so many innovative products on the market, it's hard to know which ones work and whether you should order them. We've taken the guesswork out of the equation with this list of "As Seen on TV" products you can easily purchase through Walmart. Reviewers love the unique design of these products and rave about their effectiveness. Which ones will you try?

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Finally, an umbrella that folds upwards so the water won't drip into your vehicle!
$20 at Walmart

Sure, your average umbrella keeps you dry but drips all over the house as soon as you're done using it. The Better Brella solves that problem by closing upward, trapping all the wet folds of cloth and preventing them from leaking all over the floor. This inverted umbrella is windproof and double-layered with an ergonomic handle. Not only does it prevent mess, it's also designed not to blow inside out with strong winds (It's tested up to 50 miles per hour), so you can stay dry even in some of the worst weather.

One reviewer purchased one after seeing this product advertised on TV: "I ordered this after seeing the infomercial because it just made sense. The BetterBrella is exactly that BETTER!! I don't get wet getting out of my car, my papers don't get wet when I get in my car and there are no drips on the floor or carpet when I enter a building. Brilliant product - several friends have purchased one since I received mine."

A solution for moving outlets that doesn't require an electrician.
$20 at Walmart

Any outlet can be made more usable with this Presto Plug Outlet Extender. This outlet acts like an extension court by plugging into an outlet in your home and stretching to another location with a 4-foot cord. But the best part is it's got an adhesive backing which allows you to mount the outlets where you want them on your wall. The product is designed to look and function like a regular outlet vs. a clunky extension cord. It's also equipped with two bonus USB outlets, which are great for charging your smartphone and other devices.

Reviewers love that it's easy to install and makes previously unusable outlets accessible. "Love it," shares one. "M bed was hiding the outlet and now it is beside the bed. Will be ordering more."

Remove pet hair from furniture with Micro-Sonic Technology.
$16 at Walmart

If your cat's fur is as stubborn and clingy as she is, look no further. The Fur Daddy, which uses Micro-Sonic Technology to lift dog and cat fur off of furniture, carpets and drapes, will clean your home in no time. Drag it along the surface of your couch and the sonic technology loosens trapped hair as the microfiber bristles cling to it and lift it up and away. All of the hair and dander is then stored in a compartment until it's time to empty it. The device is reusable, much like a handheld vacuum. Each device also has a built-in LED light to illuminate exactly where hair is hiding as you clean.

This reviewer said it works great for homes with cats: "We have a cat with long hair who constantly sheds and the sonic pet hair remover really works. Best pet hair remover I've found! A great purchase!"

Remove dryer lint quickly and easily with this at-home vent hose solution.
$13 at Walmart

Lint build-up not only affects your dryer's performance, it can also be a serious hazard that leads to fires and other malfunctions. Keep your machine clean and safe by clearing out the dryer vent each week using the Lint Lizard. This product attaches to your vacuum and the flexible tubing allows you to navigate the hose through your dryer vent and suck up all the lint you wouldn't regularly be able to access easily.

This reviewer said the product gave her peace of mind: "I was so worried about my dryer catching on fire. When I saw this product, I jumped on it!"

Protect your floors with these reusable felt feet that won't fall off your furniture legs.
$10 at Walmart

Keep your hardwood and tile flooring looking sharp with these protective felt feet for your future. The flexible Ruby Sliders slip onto most furniture legs and stay firmly in place. At the bottom of each is a felt disc that won't scratch your flooring even as your heavy furniture shifts. The secret to this design is the silicone material which keeps a tight seal around the furniture legs. Unlike other felt feet, these cups also protect the lower part of each leg, which usually gets scuffed up by vacuum cleaners. Each reusable cup slips into place and makes it easy to push even the heaviest furniture across your floor with ease.

This reviewer plans to purchase more covers: "Love these sliders! My chairs screech horribly when chairs are moved. I heard about these and decided to try them out. I got just 1 package to try. I'll be getting 2 more packages, for the other 4 chairs. I have large round bottoms on my chairs. I found that turning them inside out and stretching and "unrolling" the sides was easiest."

Remove unwanted facial hair quickly and painlessly.
$16 at Walmart

Even the most delicate of facial hair is no match for the Finishing Touch Flawless Facial Hair Remover. This discreet, travel-sized device makes it easy to remove hair on your brows, upper lip or chin without causing redness or irritation. It comes with a built-in light so you can see what you're doing, and there are several colors available. Store it in your purse or carry-on — it's about the size of a tube of lipstick. It's great to have on hand at all times and is safe for daily use.

This reviewer loved it so much, she bought a second one: "Absolutely love this product. I have told so many people about it and they all have bought one. It's a marvel how great it works. I recently bought a second one to have in another room when I want to use it."

Wipe away hair and groom your pet with the Deshedding Glove.
$6 at Walmart

The Deshedding Glove makes it easy to groom your dog or cat while giving them some attention at the same time. This right-handed glove with five fingers and a silicone palm has textured grips that cling to stray hair and fur and remove them as you pet your pooch. Your pet will love the free massage and you'll love that it prevents fur from building up around your home. It's great for all breeds of dogs and cats, no matter the hair type.

Take it from this reviewer: "Our cat HATED to be brushed. Got this for her for Christmas, and she LOVES it! It was almost scary how much fur it took off, but no more hairballs. Easy enough to clean, and she can't get enough "petting" from it! Would recommend!"

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