The best age to reach your sexual peak

Eliza Velk
Junior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Have you ever wondered what time in your life you will reach your sexual peak?

It’s often been assumed that men and women reach their sexual peak at different stages in their life.

However sexologist Dr Nikki Goldstein claims men and woman we aren’t actually that different.

According to sexologist, men and women peak around a similar age – late 20’s to mid-30’s. Source: Getty

“The best age range is your late-20s to your mid-30s and it’s the same for both men and women,” Nikki told FEMAIL.

“When you’re younger you’re still focusing on your career and trying to understand who you are…then when we’re a lot older your body starts to work against you and boredom can set in.”

Typically, sex should improve as one gets older and more experienced. Source: Getty

So according to Nikki, hitting that sweet spot of sexual desire peaks in between these two phases and relies heavily on one’s personal relationships, work and family life.

At this age, people have gained have more sexual experience and are more familiar with what works for them.

So while a 19-year-old might bring more stamina, it’s often the case that they lack direction and the sex isn’t all that hot until both partners get a little older.

As for women, Nikki explains that understanding their own needs and wants in the bedroom is the key factor in reaching sexual fulfilment.

For women, sexual peak will usually come when they have an understanding of what their bodies and what works for them. Source: Getty

Then, of course, making sure you let your partner know.

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