Ben Affleck fans shocked after resurfaced photo shows him ditching Dunkin’ for Starbucks coffee

A resurfaced photo of Ben Affleck has fans in an uproar after he was pictured ditching his beloved Dunkin’ coffee for Starbucks.

If there’s one thing fans know about the Batman actor, it’s his love for Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. Earlier this year, the Massachusetts native starred in his own Super Bowl commercial for the American coffee chain, and recently appeared alongside rapper Ice Spice in another Dunkin’ ad just two months ago.

However, things took a turn this week when one social media user reposted an old image of Affleck to X - formerly known as Twitter. The paparazzi picture, which was originally taken in February 2014, captured the memeworthy actor in his usual off-screen state: perpetually tired with a coffee in hand. Although, this time there was something different about the image; his beloved Dunkin’ coffee had been replaced by a Starbucks hot coffee cup.

“Wake up, new Ben Affleck being sick of life image dropped,” the user wrote on 5 November. While some people tried to convince others that the paparazzi snap was nearly one decade old, fans on X were still shocked to see the unofficial Dunkin’ ambassador betraying the New England coffee chain in favour of Starbucks.

“Why the hell is he drinking Starbucks?” one person replied.

“He’s got Starbucks, something is wrong,” another user jokingly speculated.

“I need an official apology statement from Ben for drinking that,” a third person wrote, while someone else said: “Ben no, don’t forget where you came from.”

One person assumed the image must’ve been Photoshopped, as another fan simply wrote: “Next we’re gonna find out that he also roots for the Yankees.”

Over the years, Affleck has been no stranger to becoming a viral internet meme. He first achieved meme status in 2016 with the infamous “Sad Affleck” meme - in which a zoomed-in interview snippet from Affleck’s Batman v Superman press tour was edited with Simon and Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence” playing in the background.

The Gone Girl star became a meme once again in 2020, when he was photographed struggling with his order of Dunkin’ iced coffees and Munchkins delivered to his door. Plus, the iconic photograph of Affleck despondently smoking a cigarette has also become a popular meme.

Most recently, Affleck retained his title of most memeable actor in Hollywood when he attended the 2023 Grammy Awards with his now-wife, Jennifer Lopez. The couple - who were married in July 2022, more than a decade after calling off their first engagement - were seated next to each other during the awards ceremony.

When cameras captured Affleck and Lopez during a tribute performance of Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground”, the actor put on a blank expression and seemingly stared off in the distance. “Ben Affleck looks like he’d rather be at Dunkin,” one viewer noted.

Back in February, the “On The Floor” singer made a cameo in one of Affleck’s Super Bowl ads for Dunkin’. The clip showed the Argo actor taking drive-thru orders at a Dunkin’ chain, when Lopez suddenly pulled up to the window in her car. “What are you doing here?” she asked her husband. “Is this what you do when you say you’re going to work all day?”

In the ad, Affleck jokingly told Lopez that she was “embarrassing [him] in front of his friends,” before telling his coworkers that he’d be leaving. “I’ve gotta go guys,” he said. However, before he could leave, Lopez requested her husband get her a Dunkin’ donut to go.

“Grab me a glazed,” she said, before driving off.