Bella Cruise names new clothing line after Nicole Kidman

Suzy Byrne

Isabella “Bella” Cruise is now a business owner.

The famous kid of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman — who is not a kid anymore, as she’s 25 and married — has launched a clothing line.

Before we could even get into the nitty-gritty of her fashion website’s offerings though, we were struck by the name of the line: Bella Kidman Cruise, honouring both mum and dad, who adopted her in 1992.

“Cruise” we get. The media has always called her Isabella or Bella Cruise. “Kidman” is where we got the whiplash. Does this mean she — gasp — isn’t feuding with her Big Little Lies star mother?

The landing page on Bella Cruise's new clothing line website.

It’s long been reported that after Nic and Tom split in 2001, and the kids lived with him, that the actress was deemed a “suppressive person,” in Scientology terminology (the kids embraced the controversial religion like their dad), and there was no contact between them.

Even though Bella did attend Nicole’s wedding to Keith Urban in 2006, Nicole wasn’t at Bella’s 2015 wedding to Max Parker. Tom wasn’t there either and was “totally cool” with it — Bella wanted it to be low-key — but Nicole’s not being there added to the whole “SP” theory.

Nicole adopted Bella in 1992, during her marriage to Tom Cruise. Source: Getty

For years now, practically everything Nicole has said — or hasn’t said — about Bella and Connor in interviews and awards acceptance speeches has been analyzed. We’ll just say it — it’s been odd.

She’s often referred to just her two youngest with Keith Urban — Sunday Rose, 8, and Faith Margaret, 6 — as her children, making no mention of the older two. Connor and Bella have had to publicly clarify that they have relationships with their mom. And it always seemed that Nicole was careful with whatever she said about them.

Bella has long been close to her father Tom Cruise. Source: Getty

Even recently — over the last six months — Nicole gave acceptance speeches at the Emmys and Golden Globes and did not mention Bella and Connor while calling out Sunday and Faith.

It didn’t go unnoticed.

But then just days after the Globes, Nicole picked up another award — at the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards — and she made a point to thank “all of my children, who show me so much love.” Maybe that should have been a clue — but it really wasn’t after so many years — that there is a relationship there.

Bella is clearly proud of that relationship. Although we’ve known her only as Isabella Cruise or Bella Jane Cruise, here, with her new fashion line, we are introduced to Bella Kidman Cruise, or BKC, which will be the line’s abbreviation. It’s a statement.

Bella stays predominantly out of the limelight. Source: Getty

As for what she is offering with the Los Angeles-based biz, the adorable designer with not one but two nose rings is selling T-shirts with her custom designs on them. There are six options — including one that is eye-popping — and they cost $85.

We expect now that they’re out there, they’ll sell out in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 …

It’s nice to read Bella’s bio to see how she describes herself, instead of how the media — yes, us included — has described her for years.

She’s “been an artist her entire life,” she writes. “Her go-to medium is marker on paper with her inspiration for her artwork drawn largely from friends, fashion, and music.”

Bella was also close to Tom's other ex-wife, Katie Holmes and their daughter Suri. Source: Getty

The bio continues, “It has been a life-long dream of Bella’s to put her art onto clothing; her brand new t-shirt collection is the first glimpse in the realization of this dream, with many more to come in the near future.”

She also launched an Instagram account (like her newbie dad!), on which she shared a behind-the-scenes photo from her studio today. Her brother Connor — a DJ — has had his for some time and has racked up 21,000 followers.

As far as Bella’s fashion experience, she interned for Katie Holmes when her stepmother still had the Holmes & Yang label. After that, the punk experimenter moved to London, where she married and set up house with Parker, and completed a course on hairstyling at the Vidal Sassoon Academy.

Tom and Nicole haven’t yet publicly congratulated Bella on the launch of the label. We can only imagine they are proud — especially fashionista extraordinaire Nicole. Maybe her statement will be a photo of herself rocking a BKC shirt in her next Instagram post.

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