Bebe Rexha Sends a Heated Message at Concertgoer Who Attempted to Throw Object at Her on Stage

Bebe Rexha did not pull any punches at a recent concert, calling out a concertgoer who attempted to throw something on stage by sharing a strong warning and having them removed.

A video of Rexha's interaction shared on X quickly went viral, with the singer saying to the person in the crowd, "If you hit me with something on the stage i'll take you for everything you've f---ing got. Do not f---ing play with me right now...Out, get the f--- out."

Other people attending the concert helped identify the person who tried to throw the object so that security could take them out of the venue.

Something similar happened to Rexha a few days ago at a concert in Wisconsin when she was forced to stop her show twice to call out fans not listening to her warnings not to throw things.

Just over a year ago, Rexha was hit by a phone thrown on stage that gave her a black eye and led to the arrest of the person who threw it. Since then, she has repeatedly dealt with fans trying to throw things, while other musical artists have as well.

Fans rallied behind Rexha after the most recent incident, with replies to the video like, "AGAIN?!??! No, yall gotta leave this lady alone. STOP THROWING THINGS AT BEBE REXHA!" and "Finally a celebrity that is taking action in this matter."

"The legend she is, respect her a lot for that," said a fan appreciating her stern response, as someone else chimed in, "GOOD! That level of disrespect should never go unchecked."

A few shared hope that other performers who have been victims of this trend take notes from Rexha to take immediate action and shut it down.

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