Get Amanda Seyfried's hairstyle: long and blonde

January 25, 2013, 3:36 pm O&M lifestylechannels

Shot front row at Miu Miu’s Paris Fashion Week Show, Amanda Seyfried is doing a new take on little red riding hood. Alan Buki and Wayne Lewis from Original & Mineral and Original A salon provide tell us how to get her look.

Get Amada Seyfried s hairstyle: long and blonde

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1. Look at using a foundation product which will give root lift but will help to give smoothness and bulk through the hair. Try O&M's Rootalicious.
2. Use O&Ms Style Guru movement cream on 60 per cent dried hair which will thicken the hair shaft and give more volume through the ends.

3. Then us a tong to put some bend through mid-lengths to ends to give it a sexy softness rather than a straight hard edge and of course with any great blow-dry needs a spritz of hair spray like Original Queenie.


1. Amanda has naturally light hair that would need to be enhanced using a Mineral CCT blonde in a pearl ash tone which will help to eliminate warmth in the hair.
2. To give the hair extra shine and gloss, a clear gloss like O&M's Liquid CCT would be placed over all of the hair while its damp.

3. Finally to make sure you keep the hair in tip-top-condition, finish your colour process with a moisture treatment which will help to give added shine and rebuild the moisture. Look at using Seven Day Miracle.

Alan Buki, Co-Founder for Original & Mineral and Owner for Original “A” salon

Wayne Lewis, Technical Director for Original & Mineral and Colour Director for Original “A” Salon

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