Kate Middleton's hair: get her look

December 18, 2012, 1:47 pm O&M lifestylechannels

The Duchess of Cambridge's hair has always been her crowning glory, and when you’re pregnant it’s very important to play attention to your mane. Hair experts Alan Buki and Wayne Lewis from Original & Mineral Original A share how to recreate Kate's style.

Kate Middleton s hair: get her look

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Kate's hair is her crowning glory

As she is carrying the heir to the throne, it’s very important when Kate colours her hair to use products that are ammonia-free and low in chemicals. Colouring Kate’s hair, we would look at using a great semi-permanent colour in a rich brown that would add lustre and a small amount of warmth to create a multidimensional look.

A great haircut will keep this style looking its best. Remember to keep long blunt layers in the hair to create the illusion of thickness and prevent flyaway ends. A styling cream is the ideal product to use in this hairstyle.


Step 1: Shampoo the hair with a sulfate and paraben-free product such as O&M’s Maintain The Mane.
Step 2: Apply a dark mahogany brown tone to damp hair in O&M’s Liquid CCT that is 100 per cent ammonia-free, minus the smell for the expecting mother.

Step 3: Always condition with a low chemical shampoo after a semi-permanent to lock in the colour.


Step 1: Liberally apply a styling cream like O&M’s Style Guru through mid-lengths and ends on damp hair. Using a ceramic brush take large sections and curl the ends.
Step 2: Apply styling cream on tips of fingers and rack through ends to create texture and break-up curl.

Step 3: Using a few drops of shine serum like O&M’s Frizzy Logic, scrunch through ends of hair to seal flyaways and set wave in place.

Alan Buki, Co-Founder for Original & Mineral and Owner for Original “A” salon

Wayne Lewis, Technical Director for Original & Mineral and Colour Director for Original “A” Salon

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