• 10 Celebrity Plastic Surgery Mishaps

Tara Reid

As if revealing your botched breast implants on the red carpet after a severe wardrobe malfunction wasn’t enough, the American Pie actress was also left with saggy stomach skin when her liposuction went badly wrong.

Photo by Getty Images Nov 6, 2012

10 Celebrity Plastic Surgery Mishaps

Now, more than ever, celebrities are becoming obsessed with changing their appearance in an ongoing quest for perfection, with some less than perfect results.

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  1. alienconcepts07:34pm Wednesday 14th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Valeria Lukyanova has had no surgery ... see some photos with no make-up and in a bikini .. very clever artistry though, up she makes a good living fooling people. There are many fine examples of woman from that region of the world .....