Skincare tips: start with sunscreen

December 19, 2012, 10:16 am Bahar Etminan Yahoo!7

In this summer skincare guide, beauty blogger Bahar Etminan shares her 10 party season skin commandments. First tip: start with sunscreen!

Skincare tips: start with sunscreen

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It's essential to remove your make-up each night.

It’s the season to be silly but not the season to be stupid! Ladies, every day counts in the fight against ageing and this is not a time to let your standards slip. Herewith my 10 commandments for glowing skin this holiday season:

1. Always use a high, broad spectrum SPF (30 to 50) before you apply make-up. Not having time is no excuse as many brands offer a day cream with built in sunscreen.

2. Remove your make-up thoroughly each and every night. If you are being good and using sunscreen every day, removing your make up and skincare at the end of the day is essential. Also sun, sweat and humidity tend to wreak havoc with the skin so removing your make up gently and thoroughly lets skin breath and recover.

3. Drink a glass of water every 2 hours. Set the alarm on your phone, put up post it notes, just don’t forget to hydrate. Sip water throughout the day and measure how much you are having. Sweat, heat and drinking too much is terribly dehydrating and skin needs internal moisture to look its best.

4. Go lighter with your make-up. Think water-based formulas, tinted moisturisers, mineral make-up and of course BB creams. This is not the time for double duty spac filler.

5. Ditch the powder and instead go for mattifying lotion under your make-up. These high tech formulas tackle the oily T-zone and over-stimulated oil production at the source instead of powder that only adds to the problem.

6. Spritz your face. A hydrating face spritz will keep your skin beautifully fresh and your make up will last longer. Floral waters or good old Evian spray work a treat.

7. Exfoliate your skin every second day with a gentle, non-abrasive face scrub to remove any dead skin cells and residue of sunscreen. This will ensure your face creams and serums are better absorbed and more effective.

8. Use a face mask every week to hydrate and repair damage from sun, surf and late nights.

9. Use an eye cream. This is not the time to skip important, skin saving routines. Eye cream will help keep your parties out peepers in tops shape and with all that squinting, help keep the muscles around the eyes firm.

10. Sleep tight. Back to back partying is a killer for creating skin stress. Sleep is still the number one way to refresh and beautify your skin. If you can’t get to bed early, try a siesta after lunch or a ‘disco’ nap before you go out. They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing!

Wishing you a happy and beautiful festive season.

Bahar xxx

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