How to apply false lashes

October 30, 2012, 4:32 pm Bahar Etminan Yahoo!7

Beauty expert Bahar Etminan talks to Hollywood-based Aussie make-up artist Glenn Nutley about how to achieve flirty fuller lashes.

How to apply false lashes

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Tools of the trade

It's no secret that most of us want fuller, flirty lashes. No Hollywood red carpet event, photo shoot or celeb pap shot is complete without a lush set of falsies. If you are not sure about permanent lash extensions, a quick lesson in applying false lashes could be just the answer to take your make up to a glam new level. I asked Hollywood-based Aussie make-up artist Glenn Nutley to tell us how to apply fake lashes that will take you from mummy to yummy in a bat of an eye.

Bahar Etminan: What is the latest Hollywood look on the red carpet and photo shoots?Glenn Nutley: Lately I found myself relying more on full sets of lashes than building layers of mascara and using individuals, and I feel this is a trend that is reflected in celebrity make-up at the moment. Stars like Katy Perry are rarely seen without their false set of flirtatious battery!Bahar: How can normal girls achieve the celebrity look without looking tacky?Glenn: For all my corporate clients and friends, I always say it’s best not to choose a set that are too long or too thick. Napoleon Perdis has a good selection in a range of low key to high voltage styles.Here are some pro tips I've tried and tested on how to apply fake lashes:1. Before you apply the glue, get the lash right into the lash line and see if the strip is longer than your natural lash line...and if so, trim it accordingly. Trim it so that a few millimetres shorter so that it has room to move.2. Curl your own lashes first, concentrate the bend right at the root and not so much on the ends (otherwise your lashes will poke through the false). The very best eye lash curler is available from Shu Uemura. I am mad for their limited edition Karl Lagerfeld for Shu Uemura set. If you are fairly advanced at applying make up and have a good set of brushes, try painting Black Waterproof mascara right into the lash roots and through to the ends with a tiny fan brush. This is more likely to get in between the lashes than a mascara wand and won't clump.Pro tip: It’s important to use a waterproof mascara because regular mascara is water-based and will take out the curl you just put in. Glenn Nutley says "It’s kind of like blow drying your hair and then putting water on it. You just undo your work."3. Apply a drop of glue to the back of your hand and drag the lash base through the glue then apply right to the base of the lash line. A good pair of tweezers is absolutely necessary for this step!4. Once they are both dry and the glue is set, apply mascara to get natural lashes to set against the false set. This time you can use the wand if you prefer, and finish with a fine line of cream or gel eye liner, like Bobbi Brown Black Ink, to disguise the join to the skin!These brands give good lash!- Ardell Fashion Lashes (available nationally at pharmacies and selected retailers) great value and easy to apply.- Shu Uemura Tokyo Lash Bars at David Jones are the celebrity go-to brand for bespoke and totally unique lash options. Madonna does not leave home without them!- Napoleon Perdis Lash Bar (Napoleon Perdis boutiques and David Jones nationally) offer a great selection from natural to va va voom!- MAC Cosmetics (Myer and David Jones) for pro service and advice.

Here's a photo of me rocking Napoleon Perdis lashes. This Halloween Glam-pire makeover was created by Napoleon Make Up Artist Anna and totally elevated my spooky look to something more fabulous.

If you want to know what make-up looks great with false lashes, check out RESCU's exclusive expert posts from Napoleon Perdis.Last week: Five golden beauty rules for spring carnival racingWant more beauty? Check out RESCU's make-up how-to videos and all the latest product launches.

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