Beauty and the Geek’s Mike says he was ‘terrified’ about getting a makeover

Beauty and the Geek’s Mike says he was ‘terrified’ about getting a makeover.

Video transcript

- I feel amazing. Like, just the reception from everything, I just-- it's the best feeling in the world. It's not every day that you get to do this big, whole change on national television, and have everyone see that growth. I was terrified going into it. Like the whole-- my beard I love my beard. I love growing it out. I really do. That was the sort of something that I didn't really want to let go. I didn't want to trim it down and make it really short. I've had it kind of short at times, but like not this short.

But Heidi was supporting me the whole way through, and it's like, as you saw last night, her coming over before, that was very good for me, just to kind of open up a bit to someone that I actually really even start to care for. I've never been called hot in my life before. So that was pretty unique, pretty weird. It was very nice, actually. But I love the quote from last night, Amy going, oh, you look hot, and Heidi going, way back off. Like, that's probably one of the highlights. Like, oh boy, now girls are fighting over me.

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