The Bear: How to Buy Your Own ‘Original Berf’ T-Shirt

Yes, chef! You can now celebrate The Bear’s Season 3 return by dressing like Chicago’s favorite cousin.

Fans of the acclaimed FX-for-Hulu drama will remember cousin Richie’s (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) iconic “Original Berf” T-shirt from the Season 2 premiere. (Read full recap.) Of course, it’s meant to say “Original Beef,” but the ever-inventive Richie claims the printing mistake simply makes the garment a coveted “collector’s item.” Here’s how to get your hands on one ahead of the Season 3 premiere on Thursday, June 27.

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Where to Buy 'The Bear' Original Berf Shirt Online
Where to Buy 'The Bear' Original Berf Shirt Online

The Bear Original Berf Shirt


Buy Now on teepublic

The Richie-inspired tops are available in a range of sizes on TeePublic and Etsy. Redbubble also offers the shirt in tons of color options so you can express your individuality and the Hulu series all at once. Grab your very own “misprinted” garment to pay respect to the origins of your favorite fictional Chicago restaurant, formerly known as the Original Beef of Chicagoland.

The Bear Original Berf Shirt


Buy Now on etsy

The Bear Original Berf Shirt


Buy Now on redbubble

Sure, in the end of Season 2, Richie finally got his s–t together, but can’t we still commemorate the character’s Original Berf origins? It’s important to remember your roots, after all! Plus, you can wear your Original Berf top with pride knowing that when we last saw Richie in The Bear’s Season 2 finale he was at the top of his game. Cousin successfully made it through the new restaurant’s opening night while Carmy (Jeremy Allen White) floundered in a walk-in refrigerator. (Read our full finale recap.)

And if T-shirts aren’t really your thing, there are plenty of other ways to rep the show, including an Original Berf laptop sticker and a “Yes, Chef,” hat. Get all the merch now so you’re prepared for those Season 3 watch parties.

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