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Taran's History With Food and Weight

"I was always a little heavier than all my friends growing up, but I never really noticed it until the teasing started in about third grade," Taran said. It continued all the way through high school, and it tore her self-worth and confidence to shreds.

She was active as a child, but never participated in any sports until high school when she played lacrosse for a season. "I always ate large portions as well, but so did everyone around me since I grew up in the South on a diet of comfort foods for all three meals," Taran said. Nutrition and physical activity were never really topics at the kitchen table for her family or in her friend circles.

After Battling Binge Eating, Taran Transformed Her Life and Lost 82 Pounds

"I can wear my wedding rings without them squeezing my finger," and "I don't use food as a reward anymore," are just two of the numerous nonscale victories Taran Haut, 28, has experienced from eating healthier and working out for the past year and a half. Keep reading to learn about the details of Taran's history with binge eating and how she was able to lose over 80 pounds!

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If you or a loved one are struggling with an eating disorder, find resources and help at the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) or call the hotline at (800) 931-2237.