Baseball mourns death of Yankees scout Kelly Rodman, 1 of 3 female scouts in MLB

The Yankees announced the death of scout Kelly Rodman. (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)

The New York Yankees announced on Wednesday that scout Kelly Rodman died.

The team did not note her age, but she was born in 1975. Subsequent reports noted that she died of cancer.

The Yankees did not provide further details about her death.

Rodman was 1 of 3 female MLB scouts

According to a bio on, Rodman attended MLB scout school in 2013 and joined the Yankees as a volunteer associate scout the next year before the club officially hired her in 2017.

She played softball at Eastern Connecticut State University prior to joining the New England women’s baseball league in Connecticut and Boston.

She was one of three female scouts in MLB alongside Amanda Hopkins of the Seattle Mariners and Haley Alvarez of the Oakland Athletics. She represented the Yankees at the 2019 draft in Secaucus, New Jersey.

The Yankees broadcast home Yes Network featured Rodman in a 2019 profile.

“I’ve never been discouraged of being a woman scout — or as I like to just say, a scout,” Rodman told Yes Network.

Players, peers mourn Rodman

Outfielder Ben Ruta and shortstop Max Burt — both players in the Yankees minor-league system — shared memories of Rodman upon the news of her death.

Friends and colleagues also shared their condolences.

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