Baristas Are Revealing The Most Common Iced Coffee Mistakes You Should Avoid

When you’re craving a quick and easy iced coffee, you can get away with brewing your favorite roast, pouring the java over ice, stirring in your choice of milk or sweetener, and calling it a day.

Hands stirring an iced coffee with a straw on a wooden table

1.You’re Using Too Much Water

A close-up of a plastic cup filled with iced tea, including ice cubes and a plastic straw. The background is blurred

2.You’re Pouring Hot Coffee Over Ice

A close-up of someone pouring milk into a glass of iced coffee on a wooden table, creating a swirling effect

If you simply can’t wait for your coffee to cool, swap your traditional ice cubes with coffee-based ones; fill an ice cube tray with coffee and freeze. When used, your beverage will stay cold without the risk of it becoming watered down, McCarthy said.

Ice cube tray filled with frozen cubes of coffee, some compartments empty, on a table

3.You’re Storing Your Brewed Coffee Wrong

A hand pours hot water from a black kettle into a Chemex coffee maker with a wooden collar and leather tie, making fresh coffee

4.You’re Leaving The Coffee In The Fridge Too Long Before Using It

A person with glasses pours coffee into a mug in a cozy kitchen with various utensils and ingredients on shelves and counters

5.You’re Using the Wrong Brew Method For Your Flavor Preferences

Hand pressing down the plunger of a French press coffee maker on a kitchen countertop with a lit candle, fruit basket, and flowers in the background

Here's the bottom line...

A person is enjoying a cold beverage through a straw while holding a laptop in an outdoor setting

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.