Barbra Streisand recounts how Princess Diana saved her from a wardrobe malfunction

Princess Diana wasn’t just the people’s princess, but a girl’s girl, at least according to the way Barbra Streisand memorializes the late royal in her new memoir.

The “Way We Were” star, 81, recalled a time when the “wonderful” royal both helped and flattered her during the 1992 London premiere of “The Prince of Tides,” People reports.

“The zipper on my skirt had come down a bit as I was sitting, and she noticed and quickly started to zip it up for me as I got to my feet,” the EGOT winner, who starred in and helmed the Oscar-nominated film, reportedly wrote in “My Name is Barbra.”

The two were seated together at the event, which also served as a benefit for the AIDS Crisis Trust. Per royal protocol, Streisand waited to stand until Diana did, only for the princess to give her a “little push” to do so, according to People.

But Diana didn’t just help the “Funny Girl” star avoid a wardrobe malfunction.

“When I finally sat down, Diana turned to me and asked, ‘Do you know how wonderful you are?'” wrote Streisand. “Did I know it now? I’m not sure…maybe a little. I thought Diana was wonderful. I wonder if she knew how wonderful she was.”

Streisand also wrote about considering then-Prince Charles a friend, following their 1974 meeting.

“I loved spending some time at Highgrove for a weekend fundraiser and going through his gardens,” she wrote of the monarch, who wed Diana in 1981. The pair infamously separated in 1992 and divorced the year before her fatal car accident in 1997.

Streisand said her friendship with Charles, who will celebrate his 75th birthday in coming days, predated his relationship with Diana.

“I had a very funny line on stage when he came to see [my] show. I said, ‘You know, if I played my cards right, I could have wound up being the first Jewish princess!'” wrote Streisand.