Emma Moffatt's Nutrition, Training & Racing Tips

October 4, 2012, 1:58 pm Gill Dear Yahoo!7

After a disappointing race at the London Olympics where she crashed off her bike, we caught up with triathlete Emma Moffatt to find out what's on her triathlon bucket list, training tips, nutrition, stretching and whether she'd ever take on an Ironman.

Triathlete Emma Moffatt on Nutrition, Training and Olympics


1. It’s been a huge couple of months for you with the London Olympics. How do you feel now that it’s all over?

2. Do you allow yourself time off to relax and go crazy after a big event such as the Olympics?

3. You’ve won bronze at 2008 Olympics (Beijing) and are a 2 x World Champion (2009 and 2010 ITU Triathlon World Championship). What other achievements to do you want to tick off your triathlon bucket list?

4. Would you ever consider another distance triathlon such as Half Ironman (70.3) or Full Ironman? What about switching to another sport?

5. Do you have any superstitions or rituals before a big race?

6. Nutrition is a huge part of any sport. Do you follow a strict diet and nutrition program, or can you eat whatever you want with the amount of training you do?

7. Do you use energy gels during training and racing? What about sports drinks?

8. Have you ever been sidelined by injury? What were your tips to stay on track mentally even when you’re out physically?

9. Sponsorship is a big part the support you receive as an elite athlete. How do you choose your sponsors? Why did you choose Metamucil?

10. How important is stretching as part of your training program?

11. Do you use energy gels during training and racing? What about sports drinks?

12. If you had the talent to be a world champion in any sport, what sport would you choose & why?

WATCH: Emma Moffatt's Top 5 Running Tips
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