Bondi Lifeguards Turn To Triathlon

September 6, 2012, 2:42 pm Media Release USM Events

Four members from the popular TV show Bondi Rescue, have swapped their boardies for trisuits, by signing up to compete in the IRONMAN 70.3 (Half Ironman) at Port Macquarie on Sunday 28 October, 2012.

Bondi Lifeguards Take Triathlon Challenge

Gavin, Bacon and Reidy are ready to take on the 70.3 challenge.

The show boasts a number of talented ironmen amongst the Lifeguards, Andrew Reid (Reidy), Ryan Clark (Whippet), Adriel Young (Bacon), Quinn Darragh (Quinno), and Gavin Stevenson have opted to make their first individual triathlon an IRONMAN 70.3 - a Half Ironman in Port Macquarie.

The coastal town in New South Wales will host the 70.3 Australian Age Group Championship with over 1,300 competitors taking on the challenging course - 1.9 km swim, 90km bike and 21.1 km run.

After a group of Bondi Rescue Lifeguards competed in the teams’ event at the IRONMAN Asia Pacific Championship Melbourne back in March this year, a pact was made to take the next step.

“After the teams’ event, we all hung around the finish to watch everyone cross the line and we thought, “We want to be one of them”, said Reidy.

“We don’t just want to do a third of an IRONMAN event, we want to do a full one! We were watching people our age, and three times our age finishing their IRONMAN and we were all wondering whether we could finish one too”, continued Reidy.

Reidy is no stranger to a little hard work, seen here at the Sydney Tower Run-Up. Photo: WireImage

Reidy said the boys (Bondi Rescue Lifeguards) were very excited to be participating in the Port Macquarie IRONMAN 70.3, and were using it as a stepping stone for the bigger prize of a full IRONMAN.

“The IRONMAN is definitely our goal; and the thrill of doing something new and different is exciting. Some of us are a bit cocky, but we’ve all been training hard – more some than others,” joked Reidy.

The ‘bug’ of an IRONMAN event has definitely caught up with the Bondi Rescue Lifeguards, with Reidy recently linking up with a triathlon coach, he can’t seem to get enough training.

“We are very dedicated to this; we are all really keen to get stuck right in to the training and do triathlons for a couple of years. We’re all very competitive; however none of us have been proven over the 90km distance on a bike leg. I’m a decent runner, and there are a few good swimmers amongst us (Ryan and Adriel), so it will definitely be an interesting race”, said Reidy.

Who would Reidy bet on for the win amongst the Bondi Rescue Lifeguards?

“Adriel Young, he’s only 24; he’s a good athlete and really loves the sport. So if I had to tip one of us to go alright, I think it’d have to be Adriel”, said Reidy.

Will Bacon beat the rest of the boys? Photo: Getty Images Sport

Post event, ‘Reidy’ and ‘Bacon’ (Adriel Young) will head up to Noosa in a campervan to contest the popular Noosa Triathlon on Sunday 4 November, 2012 as they continue their triathlon journey.

USM EVENTS, in association with the local organizing committee, Destination NSW on behalf of the NSW Government and the Port Macquarie-Hastings Council, are pleased to bring the 2012 event to Port Macquarie which was the first town in Australia to host a 70.3 IRONMAN event back in 2006.

Additional information about the 2012 Port Macquarie IRONMAN 70.3 is available at the Ironman Port Macquarie website, including information on the Port Iron 5km - a fun run for the whole family to get involved with and be part of the IRONMAN weekend in Port Macquarie.

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