9 things to look out for

They say it takes a single moment of inspiration to create your New Years Resolutions and a grand total of ten days to break them.

Good planning will help you stick to your promises to kick the sugar habit, stop drinking booze, eat less (or smarter) carbs, go organic, lose weight generally, or simply get fit BUT you also need to be well informed – and knowing exactly how to read food labels is a huge part of that. .

Even most trainers and nutritionists I know get confused by all the whizz-bang, weird and wonderful ingredients on labels these days and that’s before we even get to understanding how much sugar (yes even the ‘natural’ kind) is too much.

Here are my 9 top tips and general things to look out for when it comes to reading food labels.

Photo by Jamie Grill/Getty Aug 3, 2012

How to read food labels

Libby Babet from bondibuf.com shares her top tips to help demystify the labels on food packaging