Antarctic Ice Marathon

December 9, 2011, 9:56 amYahoo!7

Thirty-six athletes from 17 countries braved the sub-zero temperatures to complete the 42.2km race at the bottom of the world.

Antarctic Ice Marathon

It was perfect conditions for the seventh Antarctic Ice Marathon.

'I think you need to be a little bit crazy but then again I think it's all relative 'US competitor Matthew Von Ertfelda said, 'You know if you speak to some of the folks competing in this race they've done some things that are far crazier you know, even more demanding.'

Each competitor was fully protected, wearing balaclavas, goggles, gloves, and layers of thermal clothing.

To prevent anyone wandering off course and freezing to death, markers were placed in the snow to mark out the race course.

During the race, competitors could stop at check points to rehydrate themselves with hot drinks and snacks.

Clément Thévenet from France took out the top spot in the men's event, setting an ice marathon record time of 3:47:07.

'It's a wonderful experience,' Thévene said, 'There is so much stuff to do around the world but I think I will be back on Antarctica because it's amazing being there so maybe I'll be back for hiking or mountain climbing but for the marathon - I do it once that's it.'

Nine athletes took part in the women's competition. Yvonne Brown from London, United Kingdom proved a decisive winner in a time of 4:26:10.

Every competitor managed to finish the race.




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