How to Travel with a Bike

September 28, 2012, 12:18 pm Nicole Ward Professional Triathlete

Getting ready for the trip to Kona or Auckland in a few weeks time for the World Championships? In following on from last week’s blog my topic today is my Top 5 tips for traveling with your bike.

Nic Ward’s Top 5 Tips for Air Travel with a Bike

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1. Organise a bike box early – Whether you choose a soft or hard case, or even a cardboard box, all have advantages and disadvantages. You’ll also need packing materials. Pipe insulation is a great frame protector plus you’ll also want plenty of bubble wrap so hit up a local hardware store. Depending on what kind of box you have, you may have to remove one or both wheels, pedals, handlebars and/or the seat post.

2. Work out what tools you need – a good quality multi tool should suffice. Newer Shimano pedals no longer require a pedal spanner, however if your pedals need one- a spanner is a cheap but worthwhile investment, as it’s always better to be self sufficient.

3. What’s your baggage allowance? – this will determine how you pack. Every airline is different so you are best to check that your flight allows two check-in bags (i.e. to include sporting equipment). There’s nothing worse than finding out at the check-in counter and being hit by some exorbitant fee. Have your bike box as light as possible. Pack it with bulky items such as shoes, wetsuit, towels- which also gives your bike extra protection and cushioning. Everything else should go in carry-on or your second checked bag. Watch your head- take your helmet as carry on to protect it from any knocks :)

4. Get your bike together as soon as you get to your accommodation. This will give you time to sort out any issues which hopefully you won’t have.

5. Organise Assistance. If you think you are going to struggle boxing and un-boxing your bike. Book in at your Local Bike Store and at the race bike store at your destination, as they will most likely offer this service for a fee. You also want to avoid last minute stress so be prepared.

Train safe and Keep Smiling!


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