Marathon des Sables, Morocco

For many, the Marathon des Sables is the king of all tough events; it’s a Mecca for those who live for an outdoor challenge. The race, which takes place in the Sahara Desert, is an incredible feat of endurance and determination. It is 243km long (for those of you who can’t comprehend this distance, that’s six marathons in six days) and generally takes people six days to complete.

Under the relentless Moroccan sun, runners pass through sand dunes, evacuated towns and saltpans. At night the exhausted participants share tents with one another and many make life-long friendships. We can certainly see why this unique challenge is appealing, but it is without a doubt a formidable race full of unseen dangers and nasty sandstorms.

Photo by Marathon des Sables Jan 11, 2013

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  1. Joe10:57pm Sunday 13th January 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    six marathons in six days over relatively flat ground, not exactly difficult. How about four marathons in one day over the alps or pyrenees, I have done both.

  2. Rasith Yohan03:13pm Friday 11th January 2013 ESTReport Abuse