Skydive Horror for 80 Year Old Daredevil

May 30, 2012, 1:29 pm Gill Dear Yahoo!7

It started out like any other skydive, but then it all went horribly wrong. Watch the terrifying incident that unfolded for Californian Laverne Everett, just moments after she jumped out of a plane to celebrate her 80th birthday.

Skydive Horror for 80 Year Old Daredevil

80 year old Laverne Everett is lucky to be alive, after surviving a traumatic incident while skydiving with The Parachute Centre in Acampo, California, USA.

Just moments after exiting the plane attached to her tandem master, Everett slipped out from her harness, and was left dangling by her legs. Luckily, the skydive instructor was able to grab on and hold her tight, despite freefalling at 200kph.

After pulling the main parachute, the instructor managed to guide them both safely back to land, where onlookers rushed to assistance. Surprisingly, both Everett and the instructor were unhurt in the incident, just shaken up.

Despite being just inches from death, the daredevil eighty year old has maintained a sense of humour about the incident. She said it’s a blessing that her shirt blew up over her head, because it blocked her view of her precarious descent.

“I had just one little peephole of light shining through. I didn’t get to see anything,” she told ABC news.

The incident happened last year, and was recently posted online by her sister to show other family members. Although Everett celebrated her 81st birthday at home this year, she hinted to ABC News what her next adrenalin fuelled adventure might be.

“I never have ridden in a race car” she said.

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  1. Claire02:41pm Thursday 16th August 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Extreme negligence on the part of the skydive operator, you can see the straps over her shoulders are loose before they left the plane. Anyone who has been skydiving knows the harness should be tight.





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