Baileys Nut Nougat Smoothie

Baileys Nut Nougat Smoothie
  • makes 6

  • Preparation time: 15

  • Cooking time:


150 ml Baileys Irish Cream
300 ml cold milk
400 g yoghurt ice cream or vanilla ice cream
150 g nut nougat cream (e.g. Nutella)
150 g whipping cream
50 g chopped hazelnuts
1 tbsp sugar
1 egg white
optional 2 tbsp ready-made ganache (50g)


1. Place the Baileys, milk and nut cream into a blender and mix thoroughly on a high setting. Add the ice cream and mix again. Refrigerate.
2. Toast the hazelnuts in a non-stick pan until golden brown, mix with the sugar and place on a plate. Whip the egg white and place on a saucer. Dip the rim of the glasses first into the egg white, then press into the hazelnut mixture. This creates a very attractive crisp rim.
3. Melt the ready-made ganache in a small dish over a bain marie. Sprinkle small dollops onto the bottom of the glass using a long ice cream spoon and turn the glass upside down. This results in long stripes. Refrigerate briefly to harden the glaze.
4. Fill the glasses with the smoothie mixture and garnish with a dollop of whipping cream.