Baffling detail in Myer ad sparks backlash

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Myer's latest Christmas ad has left customers confused with their new slogan plastered across stores around the country.

The retailer's new campaign slogan reads: "Happy Congratulations and Merry Christmas."

Myer store during a pandemic
Myer shoppers have been left confused by the brand's newest Christmas slogan. Photo: Getty

Shoppers took to social media to share their confusion with one user writing, "2020 is weird enough already. What does 'Happy Congratulations' mean?"


Another joked: "Can someone explain Myer's "happy congratulations" Christmas messaging this year to me like I'm five? Is this meant to make sense to anyone?"

A more blunt user wrote: "What the f**k does "Happy Congratulations" mean @myer?"

Person on Twitter writing about the Myer ad
One user jokingly asked if someone could explain the slogan to them as if they were five. Photo: Twitter

Some, however, loved it with one user writing: "I don’t know about any of you but I’m absolutely loving department store Myer’s new Christmas slogan plastered all over its catalogues and store windows. Happy congratulations to you too Myer!"

Another said: "Love your Happy Congratulations Happy Christmas slogan, no doubt there will be those who will find a problem but its great way to acknowledge everyone who have missed so much."

The slogan comes from their new Christmas advertisement, with the retailer revealing the odd slogan is due to the odd year we've had. "For all the missed birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and more, let's make this year's celebrations bigger than Christmas," they explained.

Other lyrics include: “Happy, ho ho, merry, Mother’s Day, congratulations, hope you get well soon, hip hip hooray, I Do, salutations, Mazel Tov, Inshallah, Xin Nian Hao (Happy Chinese New Year) to you.

“Cause now we made it through. Make it bigger than Christmas.”

In the ad, a singer sings: "The year was weird, that much is true - fires, floods and lockdowns too and we all missed so much along the way.

"So, let's pack it all into one day and make it bigger than Christmas!"

Tweet about Myer Christmas ad
Others really liked the ad. Photo: Twitter

One user saw the ad and commented on Facebook: "I understand the sign now."

Another wrote: "The signs finally make sense, feeling bad for dissing them now."

Someone else added: "Whoever came up with this ad is a genius. It’s such a feel good, perfect summary of this year and you can’t help but smile listening to it. Well done Myer."

On YouTube one user wrote: "This is brilliant! You've captured the pain of 2020, offered the freedom of hope and wrapped it up beautifully with the heart of giving -- which (for most of us) is an act of love.

"Love, peace, unity, and freedom -- something we're all crying out for. Love it. Well done!!"

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